About the SMEA

DPW Worker’s Strike (circa 1970)

The Somerville Municipal Employees Association is the union for a number of City employees in the City of Somerville.

The SMEA was established in 1963, however contract books can be dated back as far as 1906-1949, when the organization was known as the Somerville City Employees Local 720. In 2013, the Somerville Labor Coalition was created. The SLC consists of the following labor unions: the SMEA, the Somerville Firefighters Association, the Somerville Police Employees Association, the Somerville Police Superior Officers Association, the Somerville Dispatchers Local 888 SEIU, and the NCFO Local 3 School Custodians. The SMEA also works closely with other local unions such as Somerville Stands Together and the Teamsters.

The SMEA is the second largest union in the City of Somerville. There are approximately 260 members across 4 bargaining units. These bargaining units cover 31 divisions; including but not limited to the Department of Public Works, the Library Department, the School Nurses, Police and Fire Clericals, Traffic and Parking, Retirement, Veterans Services, Health Department, Inspectional Services, Personnel, Purchasing, Treasury, IT Technical, Communications, Elections, Auditing, Assessing, City Clerks, Weights and Measures, and Animal Control.